As we near the end of this calendar year, the ONE LICENSE team would like to thank all of our License Holders for a wonderful year of ministry! We are incredibly grateful for your engagement with our team and your desire to learn more about the world of copyright. We wish you and your ministries all the best in the year to come. 

This year, we launched a number of new site features to enhance the License Holder experience. These launches included Permissions Icons and the Spanish Website Interface

ONE LICENSE 2022 Highlights: 

5.9 million+ 

worship services reported by our License Holders (up from 3.8 million+ in 2021)


music image files and MP3s available (that is over 50,000 new images since last year!)


titles in the song catalog (an increase of over 30,000 titles this year)


License Holders posting or streaming their services online 


of our organizations are connected to group licenses, benefiting from discounted pricing, centralized billing, and accountability in reporting 

With nearly 25,000 active licenses, the ONE LICENSE service covers the entirety of North America, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, and continental Europe, as well as the rest of the English-speaking and Spanish-speaking church.

Most Popular Posts of 2022:

The following articles are among the most viewed by our License Holders. Covering a variety of topics from copyright terminology to guidance on how to report copyrighted arrangements, these articles are not to be missed! Be sure to check out the links below and reach out to our team ( with any questions or concerns. 

Have you ever found yourself confused by copyright terminology? Does thinking about the difference between a copyright holder and a publisher or wondering what it means if a title is copyrighted by one person but administered by a publishing house keep you up at night? If you’ve considered these or other copyright-related questions, simply take a look at this helpful list of copyright terminology, curated by the ONE LICENSE team! 

Have you ever wondered why submitting a copyrighted arrangement to one of our Member Publishers often results in the title being replaced with the original copyrighted text and tune? During this November 2022 Call & Response session, the ONE LICENSE team welcomed Alex Salazar, Digital Product Specialist II, Editorial & Data Support, from OCP. Alex and the ONE LICENSE Team offer a number of helpful tips and tricks for reporting complicated titles, including derivative works such as copyrighted arrangements.

Over the last few years, the need for organizations to have online licensing permissions has increased significantly. In fact, 64% of our License Holders currently hold one of our annual term Podcast / Streaming Licenses to cover the copyrighted titles from our Member Publishers in their online worship services. Whether your organization already holds one of these licenses or you are still exploring the ways that offering online worship services could better connect you with your congregation, read on for creative ways to utilize our Podcast / Streaming License permissions. 

Held in the first quarter of each year, this webinar is designed especially for newer users to our service or those who would benefit from learning new skills! Be sure to scroll to the end of the blog piece to view a downloadable PDF featuring ONE LICENSE “Fast Facts” Guide. This guide answers common questions we hear from our new users. Take a look at these “Fast Facts” or watch the full webinar to learn more!

The ONE LICENSE Team is continually working on ways to improve the experience our License Holders have on our service and support best licensing practices in our relationships with our Member Publishers. In this article, we announced a new function to help improve reporting accuracy: you can now specify the number of services for each type of copyright usage for individual titles! 

At ONE LICENSE, we frequently receive questions about how to best utilize your ONE LICENSE permissions alongside the various planning and downloading resources that are available from some of our Member Publishers. This article focuses on four of those resources from some of our Premier Member Publishers: Breaking Bread Digital Music Library from OCP Publications; GIAPlanner / SoundBoard from GIA Publications, Inc.; Christian Worship: Service Builder from Northwestern Publishing House and Concordia Publishing House; and from Augsburg Fortress Publishers.

With a database of nearly 200,000 songs from 300+ Member Publishers and 110+ additional catalogs, ONE LICENSE gives you access to the broadest range of sacred music resources for congregational song. As our nearly 30,000 global License Holders attest, ONE LICENSE provides practical solutions to meet your music ministry’s needs. And you can find all the information you need to start your account with us right here.

As church musicians and people of faith, the ONE LICENSE team understands how difficult navigating copyright law can be. Whether you have been responsible for reporting your organization’s copyright usage for years, or you are just getting started with reporting, we hope that this article will help you understand the whys, whats, and hows of reporting your music usage. 

Now, more than ever, License Holders are using digital platforms to post services online, share their worship across social media sites (like Facebook and YouTube), and expand the reach of their organization. By adding one of our Podcast / Streaming Licenses to your account, ONE LICENSE makes it easy to share your services while staying copyright compliant. 

Claims, strikes, disputes—oh my! With many organizations using services like YouTube to share worship online, many License Holders are running into things like claims, strikes, and disputes. So what do these notices mean, how do you avoid them, and what should you do if you receive one?

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