At ONE LICENSE, we frequently receive questions about how to best utilize your ONE LICENSE permissions alongside the various planning and downloading resources that are available from some of our Member Publishers. This article focuses on four of those resources from some of our Premier Member Publishers: Breaking Bread Digital Music Library from OCP Publications; GIAPlanner / SoundBoard from GIA Publications, Inc.; Christian Worship: Service Builder from Northwestern Publishing House and Concordia Publishing House; and from Augsburg Fortress Publishers. If you are ready to learn more about how these resources work, as well as how to properly report your music usage when working with multiple services, simply click on the service you currently utilize (or the one you are interested in learning more about), and you will be directed to that portion of the article. Also, whenever you have questions about these or any other resources you use, remember that you can always contact the planning resource directly for more information.  

Each section included below has been verified by the corresponding Member Publisher, and we are incredibly grateful for their ongoing partnership. 

Sundays and Seasons is an annual worship planning subscription service from Augsburg Fortress. The site allows you to plan your services based on the Augsburg Fortress hymnal(s) that your congregation uses, as well as download content from those worship resources. Users have the option of a Standard Subscription or a Deluxe Subscription, which includes downloadable hymn content and supports add-on modules for preaching resources and worship videos. 

The service is intended for purchase by congregations. offers everything you need to prepare weekly worship as well as occasional services and seasonal rites. Sundays and Seasons is also the title of a related annual printed guide to worship planning, containing fresh content for each new liturgical year.

How Sundays and Seasons works with ONE LICENSE:

Combining your Sundays and Seasons subscription with your ONE LICENSE permissions affords you many ways to enhance your music ministry. Augsburg Fortress advises that “to reproduce, livestream, or podcast copyrighted hymns, and to livestream or podcast vocal/instrumental performance music (choral, vocal solo, organ, piano, handbells, etc.), you need to subscribe to the appropriate ONE LICENSE option(s) that cover Augsburg Fortress hymn and vocal/instrumental music copyrights as well as those of many other publishers.”

Additionally, “You need to subscribe to an Augsburg Fortress Liturgies License (for coverage of all Augsburg Fortress liturgical text and music copyrights) or an Evangelical Lutheran Worship Liturgies License (for coverage of Augsburg Fortress liturgical text and music copyrights in the ELW resource family) to reproduce, livestream, or podcast this content in your services. (The Augsburg Fortress Liturgies License is included in a subscription. Subscribers need not report liturgical content covered by this license.)”

As a standalone service, does not include permission for any congregational hymn reprints, nor does it include permission for hymns and vocal / instrumental performance items that are podcast or live streamed. Your subscription includes permission to reprint, podcast, or livestream ONLY Augsburg Fortress liturgies. Remember that all hymns and vocal / instrumental performance music included in your in-person or online services, in any format, should be reported through your ONE LICENSE account.  

This information was written in collaboration with Martin Seltz, Vice President and Publisher, at Augsburg Fortress. 

GIAPlanner / SoundBoard

GIAPlanner is a yearly subscription service that provides you with the ability to listen to full recordings and clips from a number of GIA resources while planning your liturgy and other musical aspects of worship. Paired with the free resource SoundBoard, also from GIA Publications, Inc., you have not only a planning service but also a platform with detailed liturgical planning suggestions, sales from GIA, and free resources for professional development. 

GIAPlanner is an online planning tool that allows you to:

  • Choose from liturgy templates
  • Manage your liturgy plans
  • Find liturgical templates and suggestions
  • Enter custom notes to each liturgy part
  • Listen to music
  • Share, download, print, or email your liturgy plan
  • Easily manage liturgical ministers, and even assign service roles to various ministers
  • Community sharing with other GIAPlanner users
  • Access commentaries on weekly readings by Fred Moleck

In addition to the features that GIAPlanner offers, you can also subscribe to the free GIA SoundBoard resource. SoundBoard is the heart of the GIA community, committed to bringing you the resources you need as a musician and a music minister. The SoundBoard website features links to free webinars, posts, and other resources from a diverse group of music and ministry experts. Additionally, this platform keeps you up to date with the newest offerings from GIA Publications, Inc.

How GIAPlanner works with ONE LICENSE:

Combining your GIAPlanner subscription with your ONE LICENSE permissions provides a number of helpful ways to plan and execute worship for your community. Your GIAPlanner subscription allows you to hear and plan liturgies from a variety of GIA resources. You can then download, share, print, or email those liturgical plans to your ministry team. GIAPlanner also offers choral music suggestions and the ability to see the liturgy plans of other organizations through the community sharing feature. Once you have planned your liturgy and any other music content for your worship service, you can log in to your ONE LICENSE account and report the titles you plan to utilize in your service. 

GIAPlanner is intended to serve as a planning resource for musicians from various denominations. However, as a standalone service it does not offer reprint files for download, so it is incredibly important to ensure that you have the proper ONE LICENSE coverage.

This information was written in collaboration with Kyle Cothern, Permissions Editor, and Matt Reichert, Director of Outreach and Engagement, at GIA Publications, Inc. 

Christian Worship: Service Builder 

Christian Worship: Service Builder is an annual worship planning subscription service that allows for “worship planning, folder creation, license reporting, and more in a convenient, all-in-one, web-based program.” Service Builder can be accessed on any web-enabled device and allows you to search and select worship elements quickly and easily. 

The Service Builder calendar enables you to see the designated Christian Worship lectionary readings for each week, hymn and psalm options, liturgical selections, and various special rites.  Service Builder allows for editing and exporting both bulletin layouts and presentation slides for your projection screen. You can also invite or connect with other collaborators and make notes for other staff members, musicians, or worship leaders. 

How Christian Worship: Service Builder works with ONE LICENSE:

To get the most out of your Service Builder subscription, you must purchase reprint and/or streaming licenses. Holding both a Service Builder subscription and licensing through ONE LICENSE provides you with a wide variety of ways to support and enhance your worship experiences! Those who hold a ONE LICENSE Annual Reprint License can enjoy automatic reprint reporting of Christian Worship content covered by ONE LICENSE. 

For those holding worship in online formats, you will need a Podcast / Streaming License, and you will need to report online usage of copyrighted titles through your ONE LICENSE account. (Only reprinted titles are automatically reported from Service Builder to ONE LICENSE.)

Christian Worship: Service Builder is a fantastic tool designed for planning and executing your worship services. Remember that, as a standalone service, Christian Worship: Service Builder does not offer licensing for reprint or streaming usage, so it is essential that you have the proper ONE LICENSE coverage for the way your community worships. 

This information was written in collaboration with Kristine Laufer, Copyright Permissions and Lead Copy Editor at Northwestern Publishing House. 

Breaking Bread Digital Music Library

If you combine your ONE LICENSE permissions with a yearly subscription to OCP’s Breaking Bread Digital Music Library, you will have everything you need to use and share songs with both your music ministry team and your entire church community. 

Designed specifically with music ministers in mind, Breaking Bread Digital Music Library gives you access to everything you need to perform songs for worship. It pairs perfectly with OCP’s Breaking Bread missal, so you can discover new songs or find those you already know and love, then download and share copies with your musicians and choir. The library offers all the music accompaniments available for Breaking Bread songs and more. A Complete Library subscription includes:

  • Keyboard and guitar accompaniments for more than 850 songs
  • Solo instrument accompaniments for more than 700 songs
  • More than 570 choral settings from Choral Praise, Fourth Edition
  • Psalms and Gospel Acclamations from Respond & Acclaim
  • Ritual texts for Catholic rites and holy days

Complete Library subscribers can also listen to MP3s of included songs and have free access to the best-in-class liturgy preparation tool, (which seamlessly integrates with the Breaking Bread Digital Music Library). 

Here at ONE LICENSE, we often receive requests about downloadable files and music licensing for individual musicians. While Complete Library subscriptions are reserved for parishes, Breaking Bread Digital Music Library also offers Selected Library subscriptions better suited to individuals. Some parishes prefer the selected content and lower price of these subscriptions as well. Selected Library options include keyboard-only, guitar-only, solo instrument-only, and choral music-only subscriptions. If you’re a musician working for a small Catholic parish or Christian church that enjoys OCP music, a Selected Library subscription is an invaluable resource! 

How Breaking Bread Digital Music Library works with ONE LICENSE

If you subscribe to Breaking Bread Digital Music Library, you will still need ONE LICENSE to share songs with your assembly through worship aids, projection, or live streaming. The Annual Reprint License from ONE LICENSE will allow you to reprint or project the text and / or melody of the OCP titles you select from Breaking Bread Digital Music Library for use in worship. Add the ONE LICENSE Podcast / Streaming Bundle License, and you can provide any of your community members worshipping from home via livestream with the same great music. 

By combining these resources, you never have to worry about whether you have the correct permissions for using OCP songs. Easily share OCP’s beloved music with everyone in your church community with Breaking Bread Digital Music Library and ONE LICENSE. 

This information was written in collaboration with Kelcee Marcum, Brand Manager, at OCP Publications. 

We hope this article helps you to more fully understand how to combine your ONE LICENSE permissions with these popular resources from our Premier Member Publishers. Remember, if you utilize a service not featured in this article, you can reach out to your planning service directly for assistance with your questions. If you have further questions about the resources above, feel free to reach out to the publisher directly, or contact our team at

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