Here at, we represent a variety of denominations, offering a unique perspective on the world of church music and ministry. I recently received a phone call from a young pianist who was playing for a family wedding in a different faith tradition than her own. Here’s what she said:

My cousin’s wedding is coming up later this year and I want to do the best job I can planning music and picking a licensing company that can serve two different faith traditions. The groom is Baptist and his fiance is Catholic. Does your service offer music for both?   

Absolutely! Since offers music from over 100 Member Publishers, customers can peruse any of the catalogs to find music that would be appropriate for their event. When thinking about ecumenical or cross-cultural celebrations, it’s important that the congregation feels encouraged to participate; and there’s no better way to guarantee that than to offer them a program containing the music to sing along with.  

Here’s a closer look at the denominations caters to:

  • The highest number of church representation comes from the Roman Catholic Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and the Episcopal Church.
  • 28% of our subscribing church members are Roman Catholic.
  • 52% of our users are from a variety of additional Christian and Jewish faith traditions, including Presbyterian, United Church of Christ, Baptist, Methodist, Community of Christ, and Reform Jewish congregations.
  • While our early user membership was dominated by Roman Catholic and Lutheran (ELCA and Missouri Synod) congregations (and to some degree still is) our constant effort to be inclusive has helped to expand our user membership to a wider demographic.

No matter the location—church, retirement community, retreat center, funeral home, campus ministry—people of faith will always come together to celebrate life’s big events. Continuous improvement of our services, website, and resources, while expanding our list of Member Publishers, is one of our primary goals; and ecumenism will continue to be an important part of our efforts. When congregations come together to celebrate, each person should feel empowered and encouraged to participate, and that experience is enhanced by


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