An Interview with Abi Enockson, Manager of Publishing Rights & Marketing of MorningStar Music Publishers.

Brenna: You’ve been a Member Publisher with OneLicense.net since 2004.  What titles have our users enjoyed over the years?

Abi: One of our all-time greatest hits (and very first MorningStar publication!) is “E’en So, Lord Jesus, Quickly Come” by Paul Manz (http://www.canticledistributing.com/e-en-so-lord-jesus-quickly-come.html). It continues to be popular among OneLicense.net users.

We also have added bestsellers such as…

“Do Not Be Afraid” by Philip Stopford (http://www.canticledistributing.com/do-not-be-afraid.html)
“Infant Holy, Infant Lowly” by Matthew Culloton (http://www.canticledistributing.com/infant-holy-infant-lowly-35484.html)
“Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” by Eric Nelson (http://www.canticledistributing.com/leaning-on-the-everlasting-arms.html)

And numerous works from composers like…
David Cherwien (http://www.morningstarmusic.com/composers/c/cherwien)
Robert Hobby (http://www.morningstarmusic.com/composers/h/hobby)
Susan LaBarr (http://www.morningstarmusic.com/composers/l/labarr)
Karen Marrolli (http://www.morningstarmusic.com/composers/m/marrolli)
K. Lee Scott (http://www.morningstarmusic.com/composers/s/scott)

Brenna: What new collections and/or featured composers will our license holders be searching for this fall?
Abi: We are thrilled to introduce our newest major work entitled Seven Last Words from New York composer, Michael J. Trotta. This work for soprano and baritone soli, SATB chorus, and orchestra will be perfect for churches looking to feature something new this upcoming Lent. It will be published as part of our Presbyterian Association of Musicians series.

Brenna: Looking forward to the upcoming liturgical year, are there any must-have titles to have on our work lists?
Abi: We have a number of new pieces for solo instrument and keyboard or brass quartet and organ well-suited for Easter and Holy Week. One “must have”  is “The God of Abraham Praise” by Duane Funderburk, written for woodwind quintet and piano.

We are equally excited to be releasing new choral anthems by Philip W. J. Stopford and Eric Nelson. Stopford’s “Jesus Christ Is Lord” is a moving setting of Philippians 2 and a powerful addition to a Good Friday service. For those looking for a classic to use throughout the church year, Nelson’s sensitive new arrangement of “Children of the Heavenly Father” will be part of our Atlanta Master Chorale Series.

Brenna: What denominations or groups look to you for music?  Are there ecumenical options for interfaith communities?
Abi: MorningStar Music publishes traditional repertoire for all denominations. While we focus predominantly on music for the church, our publishing partner, ECS Publishing, offers a wide variety of interfaith repertoire, specifically for Jewish communities.

Brenna: Are there any other divisions, catalogs, or subsidiaries with your publishing house that our license holders would recognize?
Abi: As of 2014, MorningStar Music belongs to the parent company, ECS Publishing Group. ECS also includes E. C. Schirmer Music Co. and Galaxy Music.


MorningStar, which began in 1986, is based in the greater St. Louis, Missouri, metropolitan area and specializes in publishing music for churches and schools. From the beginning, MorningStar has functioned as a non denominational publishing house focusing on music used in churches whose worship remains mainly within the liturgical tradition. You can find out more about this OneLicense.net Member Publisher at www.morningstarmusic.com.

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