Brenna: We are thrilled with the new website and are grateful for the skill, care, and talent that our web design team has provided us. Can you tell me a little bit about what makes the new website different from the previous?


Paul: We appreciate the trust has had in us over the last 13 years. This next version, the brand new ONE LICENSE, contains the most current web development trends and standards. Users will find that the new website will be more visually appealing and work well on smaller screens (mobile friendly responsive design), such as smartphones and tablets. In addition, we are using asynchronous javascript (AJAX) to reduce the amount of data being sent to and from the server. This increases the website speed and creates a smoother user experience.  

Brenna: Tell me more about the team. How did your relationship with ONE LICENSE begin?
Paul: In 2002, Jason McKinney and I were asked to build the first generation of the website. As a church musician using a competing church music licensing provider, I understood the challenge of reporting usage on a regular basis. It was fun brainstorming and planning how the website would provide an easy way for churches to report the music they used during their worship services each week. The development planning and development of the initial version took just about a year to complete. In August of 2003, the original website was launched. Over the last 13 years the site has evolved in many areas, including adding the ability to download PDF and TIFF files of the music. The version we are launching now, ONE LICENSE, is the first complete rewrite of the website.

Brenna: What has been your favorite part about working with the ONE LICENSE team?
Paul: We enjoy working with ONE LICENSE because they understand the need to leverage innovative web technologies to better serve their license holders.

Brenna: We take our job of reducing stress on pastoral musicians very seriously.  How does the new site make the reporting process easier?
Paul: The new site will allow license holders to use their smartphones and tablets to purchase licenses and report usage. In addition, the redesigned ‘lists’ feature will help users to quickly report their most frequently used music.


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