Hello, License Holders! Today, I am thrilled to announce the launch of an important website update that makes confirming license permissions easier than ever. It is important to remember that Reprint, Podcast / Streaming, and Practice-Track Licenses all include different types of permissions for different uses.

Since our Member Publishers control which types of permissions and which titles from their catalogs are included in your ONE LICENSE subscription, this new website feature allows you to see what is covered more easily. Introducing Permissions Icons!

Take a look at the title below. License Holders will now notice that there are four icons to the left of the “Report” button on the right side of the song data. We have placed a blue rectangle around the icons in the image below to highlight this for your ease. These icons now indicate which usage type(s) a particular song is covered for, without the need to double-check with the Member Publisher or submit a manual submission. 

Icon legend

  1. The first image represents our Reprint Licenses. 
  2. The second image represents our Podcast / Streaming Licenses. 
  3. The third and fourth images represent our Practice-Track License. 
  • The music notes on the left represent non-commercial Practice-Tracks (self-made) 
  • The right headphone icon represents commercial Practice-Tracks (professionally recorded and distributed / not self-made.) 

You will also notice that if you hover your mouse over the icon, the website will tell you what the icons mean. 

When an icon is dark, it means that the permissions for that usage type are approved. When the icon is light, it means that those permissions are not covered. 

For example, this title would not be approved for Podcast / Streaming permissions, but is approved for Reprint Licenses and Practice-Track Licenses. 
For this second example, this title is approved for use with Reprint Licenses and Podcast / Streaming permissions, but is not approved for either commercial nor non-commercial use with our Practice-Track Licenses. 

Transparency in what our licenses cover is incredibly important to the ONE LICENSE team. We strive to make our service as easy and educational as possible, and this new feature will allow our License Holders to more easily identify what is available for approved use. 

Comments or questions about this new feature? Contact the ONE LICENSE team today at info@onelicense.net. We are always very happy to help.