Have you ever wondered why submitting a copyrighted arrangement to one of our Member Publishers often results in the title being replaced with the original copyrighted text and tune? During this November 2022 Call & Response session, the ONE LICENSE team welcomes Alex Salazar, Digital Product Specialist II, Editorial & Data Support, from OCP.

Alex and the ONE LICENSE Team offer a number of helpful tips and tricks for reporting complicated titles, including derivative works such as copyrighted arrangements.

Alex Salazar has been a proud OCP employee since 2017. He is currently a Digital Product Specialist where he focuses on digital print and OCP content on ONE LICENSE. Through accurate data entry and validation, he prepares and packages OCP property assets into digital products for online sale distribution. He creates and maintains digital music library content such as Breaking Bread Digital Music Library and manages OCP’s catalog on ONE LICENSE by processing digital assets and validating record accuracy. In addition, Alex reviews and processes ONE LICENSE song submissions, and acts as a liaison regarding reprint licenses and digital file availability. 

Alex is a native Oregonian and currently resides in Hillsboro, Oregon with his spouse and their dog Bea (short for Beatrice). He holds a certificate from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy and a bachelor’s in vocal performance from Portland State University. He is an artist in residence with the St Mary’s Cathedral choir in Portland and is also a member of the Portland Opera Chorus.

Outside of work his hobbies and activities include video games, tap dancing, violin & voice lessons, traveling, and attending local concerts and productions as often as possible! 

Featured image photo copyright information: Photo by Andrew Neel. This image is available for download at www.pexels.com.