Did you miss our April 25 webinar on the Podcast / Streaming License?  Do you need a refresher on this educational webinar or need to take more notes?

Does your organization:

  • Ever consider podcasting or streaming the services that contain music?
  • Not have a Podcast / Streaming License, but is interested in learning how to use this powerful tool in your community?
  • Have a Podcast / Streaming License, but need help reporting?
  • Have a Podcast / Streaming License, but want to take your capabilities and viewership to the next level?

Be sure to share this 43 minute video with your teams and keep it handy for your future reference. As always, if our team can be of help, contact us at info@onelicense.net. We hope this license can help creatively serve your congregation and the wider community you minister to!

Presenter: Brenna C. Cronin, General Manager
Special Guest Panelist: Paul Eident, IT Specialist
Q&A Support: Cathy Connelly, License Holder Support Agent


Featured image copyright: Gratisography.  This image is available for download at https://www.pexels.com/.