Over the past few months, our Helpful Hints Series focused on creating posts to help our License Holders navigate some of the basics of our service. We hope this series provided you with some new insights and ideas to help you get the most out of your ONE LICENSE permissions. 

If you missed any of the wonderful posts from this series or would like to take another look, you can find each of the pieces in the series below all in one convenient place! Additionally, we know that many organizations welcome new staff members in this season, so be sure to share this post with them. 

Posts from our Helpful Hints Series:

Whether you are searching the database to report copyright usage, to confirm copyright permission, or to download a music image or text file, ONE LICENSE has a number of helpful search features to assist you. With over 160,000 titles in our catalog, it is important that you find what you are looking for, and fast! Below are some helpful points to get you started with best practices for searching our database.

Why do I need a license? What license do I need? How do I purchase a license? To help guide you through the ONE LICENSE licensing selection process, our team has created several infographics as visual aids.

At ONE LICENSE, we frequently receive questions about how to best utilize your ONE LICENSE permissions alongside the various planning and downloading resources that are available from some of our Member Publishers. This article focuses on three of those resources from some of our Premier Member Publishers.

Keeping your organization’s account information up to date makes it easier for you to access your account and for ONE LICENSE to remind you about renewal invoices and reporting requirements. Please take a few minutes to review your primary user profile and the organization’s demographic information, as well as information for optional features such as additional user IDs and default settings. 

Welcome to a special Christmas in July edition of our Spotlight series! Our Spotlight series is a place for our Member Publishers to connect with our License Holders, share new works, and offer updates on their catalogs. In this Christmas in July special edition, we spotlight new titles and old favorites for the Advent and Christmas seasons from six of our Member Publishers to aid in your future planning.

As church musicians and people of faith, the ONE LICENSE team understands how difficult navigating copyright law can be. Whether you have been responsible for reporting your organization’s copyright usage for years, or you are just getting started with reporting, we hope that this article will help you understand the whys, whats, and hows of reporting your music usage. 

We hope you found this series helpful. If there is anything you would like us to expand on, or if you have an idea for a series that would be helpful for your ministry, please reach out to our team at info@onelicense.net.

Featured image copyright: Zhanzat Mamytova. This image is available for download at www.pexels.com.