Why do I need a license? What license do I need? How do I purchase a license? To help guide you through the ONE LICENSE licensing selection process, our team has created several infographics as visual aids.

If you are new to licensing, you may be wondering what activity might require a license. It’s important to remember that ownership of a hymnal or songbook does not imply additional rights to reproduce or photocopy from that resource. Use our infographic “Do You need a music copyright license?” to help determine if you need a license to support your ministry:

If you have determined you do need a license, which one would best suit your needs? Begin by looking at the Options & Prices page on our website to determine your category size. You can also now follow this easy-to-use infographic to help you determine the best license for your organization based on a few simple questions:

Once you determine that you need a license, and you know which license you need, the question remains, how do you purchase the license? You do it all on our website! Here are the steps to follow for purchasing a license:

Would a Group License be beneficial for your region? Over 2,700 of our customers benefit from the features of Group Licenses each year. From centralized billing to accountability in reporting, Group Licenses offer diocesan offices, synods, school districts, summer camp central offices, and other administrative entities total and complete control over the licenses in their regional area or organization. Learn more about the features of our Group License and see if it’s a good fit for you.

We hope that our infographics help provide a visual guide to you and your team on your music copyright license journey. Find the infographics and more information on our licenses on our How It Works page. Please share our infographics with team members and colleagues as you consider how a license with ONE LICENSE can help support your organization’s ministry. If you have any questions, please contact our team⏤we are happy to help!

Photo copyright: Alistair McLellan. This image is available for download at www.pexels.com.