Welcome to our ONE LICENSE Helpful Hints Series. Over the next few months, join us as we share several articles focused on Helpful Hints for using your license(s). This is a wonderful time to make sure you are getting the most out of your ONE LICENSE permissions. 

Our series kicks off in May with this welcome and also a piece about How to Search. Together, we will review the basics of our service and highlight some features to help you refine your search efforts. Did you know that you could search by Mass setting? Or even language? We encourage you to take time to learn more about searching the ONE LICENSE database.

In June, our series will focus on making sure you have the correct license permissions for your needs. Highlighting our easy-to-read Infographics, we will help you understand whether you need a license (and if so, which license you need), and we will even share more about our Group License to see if this would be helpful for your organization! We will also provide helpful tips and tricks for utilizing supplemental resources such as Sundays & Seasons, GIAPlanner, and the Breaking Bread Digital Music Library. Learn more about how these resources work with ONE LICENSE and how to properly report when working with different services.

In July, we will encourage you to update your account details and contact information. This is also a great time to check your weekly in-person and online attendance numbers so you can be sure you are in the correct category when your account comes up for renewal. Later in the month, we will also celebrate Christmas in July! We highly encourage you to take advantage of this time to start planning ahead for the liturgical year. ONE LICENSE wants to help you kick off your Advent and Christmas planning by spotlighting new titles and old favorites from our Member Publishers. 

August will feature a refresher on the reporting process. This will be useful for new users and seasoned users alike, as the reporting process is the most important way for your organization to stay copyright compliant. We will highlight tips and tricks for reporting, as well as some recommended best practices. Please remember that reporting is a justice issue for us and your reports directly impact the livelihood of the composers, authors, and publishers we proudly represent. We will also wrap up our Helpful Hints Series with an overview of everything we covered, just in case you missed something while on your well-deserved vacation. 

Our goal is that this blog series gives you a chance to educate yourself and your team on some of the basics. We hope you enjoy this series as much as we have enjoyed creating it! 

Photo copyright: Rudolf Kirchner. This image is available for download at www.pexels.com.