The ONE LICENSE Team is continually working on ways to improve the experience our License Holders have on our service, as well as supporting best licensing practices in our relationships with our Member Publishers. We are excited to announce a new function to help improve reporting accuracy: you can now specify the type of copyright usage for individual pieces that you report!

ONE LICENSE permissions cover two kinds of copyright usage: reprint permissions and permissions to post services online, referred to as “podcast / streaming permissions.” For purposes of copyright, “reprint” means reproducing the musical notation and / or text, which can be done in a variety of ways: 

  • Projected on a screen for an in-person service;
  • Printed on a paper worship aid, a bulletin, or a leaflet for an in-person service;
  • Included in a PDF posted to a password-protected area of your website or shared by Dropbox, GoogleDrive, email, QR code, etc.; 
  • Embedded in a video, using PowerPoint slides, subtitles, etc.

Podcast / Streaming License permissions are a collection of copyright permissions that allow churches and other religious organizations to post their worship service videos using copyrighted music, whether pre-recorded podcasts or live-streamed, to the internet. 

If you hold the ONE LICENSE Annual Reprint + Podcast / Streaming Bundle License, you may have noticed a recent update when reporting your copyright usage. When you go to My Account → Report Usage or My Account → Search Music, you will see the option to report each title by type of copyright usage: Reprint and Podcast, Reprint Only, or Podcast Only.

Note: If your organization holds either the Annual Reprint License or the Limited Podcast / Streaming License, there has been no change in your reporting procedure, as you report Reprint Only or Podcast Only according to the terms of your license.

To report copyright usage under your Annual Reprint + Podcast / Streaming License Bundle, search for the title and select REPORT. Then in the pop-up window, confirm the number of services, confirm the reporting week date, and select the type of copyright usage from the new dropdown menu: Reprint and Podcast, Reprint Only, or Podcast Only. Remember that with our bundle license, you need to be reporting as follows:

  • Congregational songs (1) sung during a video worship service posted to the internet and (2) reprinted in a worship aid or embedded in the video are reported as Reprint and Podcast
  • Congregational songs that are reprinted in the worship aid for in-person worship services, but are not included in a video posted to the internet, are reported as Reprint Only.
  • Choral anthems and instrumental preludes/postludes/offertories that are included in the video, but are not reprinted, are reported as Podcast Only.

Once you click “Manage” to review the titles you have submitted for a given week, note that you can also edit the copyright usage type for a title by selecting the green pencil icon to the right of the title. 

Special thanks to our IT team for their efforts in building this new functionality!

If you are unsure whether your license meets your organization’s copyright usage needs, or if you have any other questions about copyright, please contact the ONE LICENSE team at

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