The ONE LICENSE team is thrilled to share the launch of our new Group License Guide, designed for both current Group Managers and organizations that are interested in pursuing a Group License. This twelve-page guide helps organizations discern if a Group License is a good fit for them and offers best practices for set-up, implementation, and ongoing management.

Thousands of churches, schools, summer camps, and retirement communities benefit from our Group License each year, but our Group Licenses are not limited to just those organizations. Any central administrative body can benefit, such as synods, hospital and nursing home networks, and religious communities. Group Licenses are available worldwide, and we work with organizations of all sizes, including some you may recognize below. 

The launch of the Group License Guide gives both current and future Group Managers insight into the process, including the following components: 

Welcome Letter
  • The Welcome Letter outlines the benefits of our Group License. Some of these benefits include centralized billing, accountability in reporting, as well as significant discounts. 
Stage 1: Getting Started 
  • This portion of the Group License Guide is designed to assist you in discerning whether a Group License is a good fit for your organization. During this portion of your decision-making process, we talk more about the process and how to bring all of your stakeholders into the conversation.  
Stage 2: Template Building
  • Once generated, the quote will be available for review. This stage provides information on license types, category levels, start dates, retroactive coverage, and other information that the ONE LICENSE team will need to generate a quote for your organization.  
Stage 3: Demographic Building
  • After you have reviewed your quote and confirmed your intention to move forward with a Group License, we will ask you to add contact information and assign primary account contacts for each of the suborganizations. 
Stage 4: Implementation
  • Our Management and IT Teams will then work our behind-the-scenes magic to make any necessary prorations / credits and set up the Group in our system. 
Stage 5: Finalization
  • Once the Group has been finalized in the system, we will notify you. You will then be able to send individualized Welcome Packets to all of your users and have the opportunity to schedule a specialized webinar tailored to the needs of your Group. 
And a bonus: Best Practices for Ongoing Management
  • These helpful bonus pages of our Group License Guide assist you in keeping track of your annual responsibilities as the Group Manager. Additionally, it offers step-by-step guidance for frequently asked questions. 

Already a Group Manager and looking for tips? This guide is for you! 

Interested in starting a Group License for your organization and need more information? This guide is for you!

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