A Podcast/Streaming License with ONE LICENSE revolutionizes the way you connect with your congregation and the world. This license not only allows you to record your services containing music for the duration of the license, but also to live-stream to members of your congregation who may be traveling, serving in active duty, or homebound.

The Podcast/Streaming License covers music streamed or stored on YouTube, Facebook Live, StreamSpot, your organization website, Dropbox, or any of a number of internet services. You can see a list of Member Publishers that participate in the Podcast/Streaming License by visiting the Member Publisher page. Most, but not all, of our Member Publishers participate in the Podcast/Streaming License.

The reporting process for the Podcast/Streaming License varies slightly from your Annual Reprint License. Under the Annual License, you are only required to report what you reprint/project for the congregation. Under the Podcast/Streaming License, we need to know all the music you are using in a service, not just music for the congregation. As a reminder, Podcast/Streaming Licenses are purchased as an add-on to the Annual License and cannot be purchased separately.

Some examples of what to report, if they are available on the podcast/live stream:

  • A prelude piece performed by an instrumentalist
  • The choral anthem after communion
  • The organ postlude
  • A song included or sung by the pastor during the sermon/reflection
  • The copyrighted arrangement of an instrumental part to a public domain piece

These reports allow ONE LICENSE to distribute royalties to the composers, authors, and publishers of those works. Note that this License is intended to cover music and lyrics. Certain liturgical content, including Scripture readings, will require permission directly from the copyright holder of that material.

A Guide to Manual Submissions” was originally published in May, 2107.

As more and more Member Publishers are joining the Podcast/Streaming License, you may find that there are titles that need to be manually submitted since they do not already exist in the database. Visit our post on manual submissions to find out more information.

The podcast/stream must include the following words at the end of the service or on the website containing a link to the podcast/live stream: “Permission to podcast/stream the music in this service obtained from ONE LICENSE with license X-######.” Simply fill in your specific A, L, S, or E license letter with a hyphen, followed by the six digit number afterwards.

The Podcast/Streaming License covers content only from live worship services. No use of commercial masters or publisher-owned recordings is covered. The License expires when the adjoining Annual License expires; at that point, all material licensed under the Podcast Streaming License must be removed.

Attendance size is also important to consider. The Podcast/Streaming License allows you to reach up to three times as many views as the outer limit of your category. For example, a category E organization serves 401 – 700 people on an average weekly attendance. That means that each stream/download/podcast is limited to a maximum of 2,100 views.  If you exceed this amount on a continual basis, you must purchase a higher category license.

We have heard from countless organizations about how this License has enhanced their reach and worship. A service to support victims of Hurricanes Harvey, Maria, and Irma; the beatification of Fr. Solanus Casey in Detroit, Michigan; and a new video ministry in Calgary are just some of the ministries we have helped license lately. Perhaps your organization is next!

For questions on this article, please contact the ONE LICENSE team at info@onelicense.net.


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