This announcement was originally sent on Monday, April 13, 2020 to License Holders that edited their accounts in response to COVID-19 through adding podcast / streaming permissions for the first time or becoming a new user all together. The information below contains options for moving forward after the end of the gratis period on April 15.

Dear Valued License Holders,

Greetings from your friends at ONE LICENSE. We hope you had a wonderful Easter and were able to discover meaningful ways of staying connected with the members of the communities you serve. On behalf of hundreds of Member Publishers and thousands of composers, authors, and artists, it has been our honor to assist you during this time of social distancing because of COVID-19. Our complimentary licenses have helped thousands to discover new ways to build community, using the best music for worship being published today. Our mission to help you remains as strong as ever.

For the thousands of you who signed up for our gratis licenses, this letter contains important information on extending your license past the gratis period, which ends on April 15. This information was also sent via email on Monday, April 13. Our goal is to work with you as simply and seamlessly as possible moving forward.

Option 1 (for brand new ONE LICENSE communities)
Continue your ONE LICENSE license(s) beyond the gratis period.

As you know, your complimentary license(s) expires after Easter, on April 15. We are pleased to extend an additional 10% discount on this license should you elect to continue for one year. You will receive an email on April 16 with this renewal option. All you need to do is either mail your payment or visit our website at and click “Make Payment.” (Refer to the invoice number and the email address on file.) Your license provides critical support to the composers, artists, and publishers who create the music you use throughout the year, and we are deeply appreciative. 

Option 1 (for existing ONE LICENSE communities who added gratis Podcast / Streaming):
Continue your ONE LICENSE license(s) beyond the gratis period.

Bundling a Podcast / Streaming License with your Annual License provides you with a full range of options for your community and beyond, including the ability to share worship aids and embed lyrics into your streamed services. To continue the Podcast / Streaming License moving forward, we are prorating the cost of the license so it will renew at the same time as your Annual License. Beginning April 16, simply log in to your account at to review and pay your prorated invoice. You can find this under “My Account” → “My Profile” → “Licenses.” Again, your licenses provide critical support to the composers, artists, and publishers who create the music you use throughout the year, and we are deeply appreciative. 

Option 2: Discontinue your complimentary ONE LICENSE license(s).

Please email your organization name, invoice number, and license number (shown on the invoice you receive) to with the subject line: “Discontinue license.” Our team will send you a confirmation via email. We, of course, hope to have you back at the appropriate time, but in the meantime, please understand that you may no longer use copyrighted repertoire without permission. 

Option 3: Obtain a Limited Podcast / Streaming License.

Beginning on April 16, ONE LICENSE will offer an option for those who plan to podcast or stream worship services but not deliver song lyrics or melody lines, or provide custom song sheets or project lyrics within their community. Beginning April 16, visit us at to review the terms and pricing of this stand-alone option. After April 16, if you would like to transition to the Limited Podcast / Streaming License, please email us at

Option 4: Connect with us about your license questions.

We are doing all we can to respond to your questions with care. Please email us at with your questions. You can also visit our blog at to view how-to videos, informational webinars, and up-to-date information about our licenses. Note that we anticipate extremely high email volume in response to these announcements and you may experience a longer than usual wait for our reply.

Our goal is to be your partner during both the good times and the challenging ones. All of us are navigating this time of physical distancing and discovering new ways of staying connected. At ONE LICENSE we remain committed to being your partners and to supporting you in your crucially important ministry.

Best wishes,

Brenna C. Cronin
General Manager

Alec Harris

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