The list of Member Publishers with ONE LICENSE has expanded greatly in the last year.  Take a look below to see our newest additions. Note that is a live and sortable page, so the moment a new Member Publisher is added, it will appear in these search results.

Our Member Publishers ask your patience as they load their catalogs onto the website. Many Member Publishers allow their data to grow organically. For more details, review our post on manual submissions here:

Andrew Tanner
Anne Kelly
Basil Morrow
Bible Truth Music
Brenton Prigge
Brian Boniwell
Bruce Harding
Butterfly Music
Changing Church Inc. / Prince of Peace Publishing
Chevalier Music / Frank Andersen MSC
Christopher L. Webber
Community of Christ
CopyCare Pacific
David Kai
David Liebe-Hart
Daywind Records, Inc.
Eakin Press
Emmaus Ministries / Monica Brown
Evangelist Music Ministry
Frederick Harris Music Co.
Greg Scheer
Irma Courtney
Janet Bauman Tissandier
Jennifer Gillan
Jim Hannah
Joe Pinson
John Ylvisaker
Jubilate Music Group, LLC
Judith Fetter
Kingsfold Music
Leo Watt
Litmus Productions
Make Way Music
Malted Milk Music
Music for the Soul, LLC
New Jerusalem Music
Orifici & Harris
Otter Creek Music
Ovation Music Services
Pat Mayberry
Paul Stott
Peter Kearney
PYP Music Group
Rev. Louise Skibsted
Robin Mann
Rod Boucher
Santa Barbara Music Publishing
Simply Liturgical Music LLC
Shine Creations—Angela Gorman
Stainer & Bell LTD
Stephen Kirk
Stephen Lee
Stephen Spencer
Teresa Cobarrubia Yoder
Weston Priory
William Kervin
William Petricko
Willow Publishing Pty Ltd
World Library Publications


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