An Interview with Linnea Good, composer and founder of Borealis Music

Brenna: You’ve been a Member Publisher with us since September 2011. What titles have our users enjoyed over the years?

Linnea: “Make a Joyful Noise” (a song of praise), “Living in the Light” (a sweet hymn of comfort), “I Am Amazing” (an all ages celebration of us and God), “O God We Call” (a deep prayer response).

B: What new collections will our license holders be searching for this spring?
L: “Singing Hallelujah” (a big energy call and response song that tells the story of Jesus’ life, death and rising) and “The Place Where Christ Is Found” (an anthem reaffirming our reason for being “church” in the world).

B: Looking forward to the rest of the liturgical year, are there any must-have titles to have on our worklists?
L: (The aforementioned and) psalm responses that are both choral and contemporary folk/pop feel.

B: What can our users look forward to from you in the coming months?
L: “In Step with the Spirit” – theme song for the United Church of Canada Women’s national 55th anniversary conference and children’s songs of praise from our mission to India in 2018.

B: What denominations or groups look to you for music?
L: Especially UCCanada, Anglican Canada, ELCIC Lutheran Canada, UCC US, UMC US, Lutheran and Episcopalian—and other mainline denominations.

B: Are there ecumenical options for interfaith communities?
L: Ecumenical: My music is very suitable to denominations that want to probe the personal and global themes of Scripture—with a beat! Interfaith: Many of my songs embrace an openness to God’s revelation in the different faiths of our world.

B: Are there any other divisions, catalogs, or sub-companies with your publishing house that our license holders would recognize?
L: I am beginning a ukulele song collection for church and beyond!


Linnea Good is a singer-songwriter whose primary work is to help individuals and churches express their souls through music. She is a leader in the fields of music in worship, and all-ages worshiping together. Her background includes a BA in French Literature, a Master of Religious Education with a specialty in music as an educational tool, and professional travels that have taken her to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and India.

She has been called “the contemporary musical voice of the emerging church in Canada.” She is known as one of Canada’s foremost performers of music of faith for all-age audiences. Hymn-textwright Brian Wren said of her: “I appreciate the freshness and care of her lyrics, her theology, her musicality, and her voice.  She has a remarkable constellation of gifts.”

The latest of her family CDs, Swimmin’ Like a Bird, was thrice nominated for major Canadian awards as Outstanding Children’s Album of the Year. She offers an internet subscription for worship and music leaders, called the Psalm-body’s Prayin’ Group. She and drummer-spouse, David, share the joy and chauffeuring of three children: Patrick, Nicole, and Isaac. She is found at

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