The ONE LICENSE team is thrilled to share an exciting new development with our License Holders! Late last week, our IT team launched a long-requested update from our License Holders to streamline the reporting weeks on our service. Some of you may have noticed the soft launch of that last week. Today, the update is officially live and the open reporting weeks now run Monday to Sunday, marking a significant update to the reporting system. 

Updating our reporting week has been a frequent request from many of our License Holders to better accommodate their weekly worship planning styles. Here are answers to questions you may have about this update:

Why did ONE LICENSE make this change?

Many churches and religious organizations hold mid-week services to engage with their congregations throughout the week. Shifting our reporting weeks to run from Monday to Sunday ensures that organizations who hold services on Wednesdays, for example, as well as during the weekend are able to report all of their weekly worship services within the same reporting week. This update will help simplify the reporting process. 

Do I need to go back and fix anything I have already reported? 

This change may have shifted some of your past reports into different weeks, or it may have left your report with an empty week. Rest assured that your reporting history is still intact and there is no need for you to adjust any of your past reports. All of your reported titles have been noted correctly, and the corresponding composers, authors, and publishers will receive the appropriate royalties from those reports. If this has shifted your reports to leave you with a week where you have no titles to report, you can note that with the following steps:

  • Log into your ONE LICENSE account and click “My Account” → “Report Usage.”
  • Select the week / weeks for which you have no reporting activity by checking the white box(es) to the left of the Week Number(s).
  • At the bottom of the page, find the field labeled SELECT ACTION and click on the down arrow.
  • Select “Mark as Nothing To Report.”
  • Click APPLY.

Moving forward, simply report as you normally would within those new Monday to Sunday reporting weeks.

Our team is very excited about this update, and we hope it helps make your reporting process even easier! As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team at with any questions or concerns.