National Association of Pastoral Musician’s 2019 Convention, Raleigh, NC — Industry Lab Session

This industry lab session, presented by ONE LICENSE General Manager, Brenna C. Cronin, engaged a wide variety of attendees, including music directors, liturgy leaders, and pastors. Covering the topics of supplemental hymnals, file sharing, and copyright, plus an extended Q&A portion, this 45-minute session was recorded for the benefit of those who could not attend live and our greater community of License Holders.

We also feature a warm welcome and greeting from two of our premier Member Publishers: Kelly Barth of Simply Liturgical Music, and Alec Harris, President of GIA Publications, Inc. These two publishers are active participants with us and we deeply value their partnership.

This video is a great resource for new and experienced License Holders, especially those looking for a high-level understanding of our more complex licensing requirements and the process of creating a supplemental hymnal. Please view this supplemental hymnal blog post if you are looking for additional content to support your project.

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